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Westminster Cracker Company
Rutland, Vermont

Westminster Cracker Company manufactures premium, all-natural oyster crackers and other snack crackers. Its products are served across the country in restaurants and other foodservice establishments and are also sold in retail outlets. LaSalle made its initial investment in the Company in November 2009. Westminster acquired Gold’s and Dr. Lucy’s to form Westminster Foods in 2015.
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  United American Security
Raleigh, North Carolina

United American Security is an unarmed security guard services business focused on serving a variety of manufacturing, distribution, retail and commercial office clients. LaSalle made its initial investment in the Company in April 2010 and sold to Garda World Security Corporation in 2018.

Skaneateles, New York

ChaseDesign provides shopper insight consulting and industrial, package, and retail design services to leading consumer goods companies and major retailers in North America and Europe. The Company’s services are focused on driving sales and market share growth for its clients. LaSalle initially invested in ChaseDesign in November 2007 and sold to the Interpublic Group of Companies, Inc. in 2012.
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Indianapolis, Indiana

Cherry Vale Impressions d/b/a M360 is a high capacity provider of custom vertical decoration services (screen printing, embroidery and fulfillment) to the promotional products, licensed apparel, corporate identity, athletic apparel and educational markets. LaSalle made its initial investment in the Company in September 2007 and exited in 2013.

  Paramount Building Solutions
Phoenix, Arizona

Paramount Building Solutions is a provider of outsourced janitorial services to the retail industry. The Company currently services over 1,700 individual store locations throughout the United States. LaSalle made its initial investment in Paramount in May 2007 and exited in 2016.

  Receivables Management Partners
Greensburg, Indiana

Receivables Management Partners (formerly known as Collection Associates) is a licensed and bonded accounts receivable management company. The Company specializes in managing accounts receivables collections for hospitals and physician groups throughout the Midwest. LaSalle made its initial investment in May 2007 and sold to Thompson Street Partners in 2012.
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DeIorio Foods
Utica, New York

DeIorio Foods manufactures premium frozen dough and other bakery products primarily for foodservice applications. The Company sells both custom formulation private label products and its own long-established foodservice brand under the DeIorio's name (established 1924). LaSalle made its initial investment in DeIorio in January 2007 and sold to Rudolph Capital in 2019.

  Environmental Lighting Concepts, Inc.
Tampa, Florida

Environmental Lighting Concepts, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of natural daylight products specifically formulated to bring the benefits of natural daylight indoors. LaSalle made its initial investment in the Company in March 2006.

  Academy of Healing Arts
Las Vegas, Nevada

Academy of Healing Arts is a for-profit vocational school focused on entry-level healthcare career programs. The Academy’s accredited curriculum consists of four primary programs and its medical assistant program is one of the largest in Nevada. LaSalle made its initial investment in the Company in September 2005 and sold to Milan Institute in 2012.

Advanced H2O
Mercer Island, Washington

Advanced H2O is one of the leading private label bottled water companies in the western United States. The Company bottles both purified and spring water for leading national retailers, under the retailers’ own store brands. LaSalle made its initial investment in the Company in 2005 and sold to HM Capital in 2007.
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  Violet Packing
Williamstown, New Jersey

Violet Packing manufactures all-natural, fresh-packed tomato-based products under the Don Pepino and Sclafani brand names. Violet’s products are distributed to food service and retail accounts primarily on the East Coast. LaSalle made its initial investment in Violet in October 2004 and sold to B&G Foods, Inc. in 2010.
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