Investment Approach  
We focus on control equity investments in the food and beverage ecosystem, leveraging our deep industry knowledge to drive growth and create value

  LaSalle Capital Our Investment Approach

At LaSalle Capital, we leverage our industry expertise and operational resources to help small businesses accelerate growth and overcome challenges. We work closely with management to:
  • Develop and Execute Value Creation Plans
  • Create and Implement Go-To-Market and Channel Expansion Strategies
  • Enhance Margins Through Productivity and Efficiency Investments
  • Address Operational Issues
  • Evaluate Pricing & Product Portfolios
  • Facilitate New Product Development and Ideation
  • Professionalize and Build Out Teams
  • Finance Continued Organic Growth
  • Identify and Negotiate Add-on Acquisitions
We invest in the food and beverage ecosystem due to its numerous favorable attributes, including:
  • Ability to expand products, channels and margins
  • Solutions-based selling and sticky partnerships
  • Focus on R&D, innovation and continuously evolving trends
  • Large universe of strategic and financial buyers with idle cash
  • Recession resistant
  • Large barriers to entry (equipment, food safety, technical know-how)
  • Multiple arbitrage (earnings growth, diversification, synergies)
  • Ability to hedge and pass along price volatility
We leverage a deep bench of operating advisors to help drive growth in our businesses. These individuals are experienced executives who offer additional value creation insights and are a valuable resource to management teams in the areas of operations, competitive positioning, sales and marketing, pricing, strategic investments and management build-outs, to name a few. We also call upon our network of industry executives, financing sources, advisors and professional services providers to offer additional knowledge and support to our portfolio companies.

Working closely with talented and motivated management teams, we design and implement a unique value creation plan for each business. Our approach offers management teams the independence they need to execute growth plans, manage the day-to-day operations and share in the value they create.

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